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Welcome to, the new home for University of North Texas athletics on the network. UNT, the last FBS/NCAA Division I program in Texas not on Rivals, at last will be represented.
Why now and why Rivals? Let's tackle that two-part question. Specifically at UNT, traditional media coverage has narrowed the past few years. I should know after covering the athletic department for three years for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Upon leaving there in March of 2009 after 17 years, I wasn't replaced on the UNT beat and haven't been since. Traditional media continues to shift heavily toward or be torn asunder by online platforms, so it's get on or be left by the roadside.
As for Rivals, it's been an online college sports groundbreaker since launching in 2001. Acquired by Yahoo! in 2007, that added muscle has helped each site better deliver the team and recruiting news fans want. Like me, many traditional media members have moved over to Rivals (and other online outlets), bringing their experience and forged relationships to the table.
Any new venture requires faith, and in this case, might be gambling on a UNT fan base that can be fickle. It was impressive, though, seeing 18,000 fans regularly show up at Fouts Field last season for a team with five victories in three years. Losing fosters a fickle nature, but with UNT fans, I sense something else entirely different.
Basically, thousands of you are willing to persevere gut-wrenching defeats in the nation's worst major-college stadium because you love UNT and have that glimmer of hope the Mean Green will restore their pre-2005 prominence in the Sun Belt Conference. You want to shove it back in the faces of cackling co-workers, share the UNT experience with your kids on a crisp fall day or evening - soon at a shiny new stadium - and go home with your weekend made.
I see you all tailgating where empty lots once sat, and UNT window stickers on cars everywhere I go (saw two in Houston last week). You lose your minds around March when Johnny Jones's basketball team makes another run at the NCAA Tournament, and you hunger for football to take its place next to what Jones has constructed over at the Super Pit. You want to see baseball return to campus, and you banded together against the anti-sports whiners to make sure football got the financing for a stadium it needs/deserves in spite of its current lack of success.
What you'll see at will mirror content you see at Rivals sites for Texas, Texas A&M, TCU, SMU, Houston or others. Recruiting and team news for football and men's basketball will be the focus, along with department or coaching staff news, live coverage (road contests where possible), notes, analysis, features, Q&A's and video as my personal expertise in that area improves. After all, this is considered "new" media. Rivals receives video all the time of various prospects, so the site will have those links, too.
Much of what you see will be "premium" content (marked with a little gray-and-blue ticket stub), so my hope is it will tweak your interest enough to invest in a subscription. As it warrants with non-revenue sports, certain breaking news or other situations, free content also will be available. Two forums, or message boards, will be set up. The Village is an all-sports free board. Our all-sports premium board will be called The Tower.
You can follow on Facebook and on Twitter for news alerts or other daily topics.
My pledge to you is that I will:
Bring you timely, accurate and engaging content
Address any questions or comments you have as soon as possible. You can always reach me at
Rationally and respectfully discuss any disagreements or differences of opinion
Correct printed mistakes and work to eliminate them
In return, I ask that you:
Respect me and each other despite disagreements or differences of opinion
Feel free to bring a story/angle/tip to my attention. Readers are a great resource.
Tell me how can get better
Not purchase a premium subscription and then cut-and-paste content on other message boards. Unless otherwise specified, all free or premium content is copyrighted, intellectual property of and Links only, please.
Hopefully this introduction has been helpful in you deciding whether to join us. Again, drop me an e-mail with any questions or comments, and I hope we can get to know each other.
Have a great season,